Tile Gap Filler
Tile Gap Filler
Tile Gap Filler
Tile Gap Filler
Tile Gap Filler
Tile Gap Filler
Tile Gap Filler
Tile Gap Filler

Tile Gap Filler

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Protect Your Investment Without Spending Thousands!

Fill, Fix, & Seal your tiles in seconds with this easy Tile Gap Filler.

This revolutionary tile filler allows you to quickly fill and seal your expensive tiles with a trust-worthy, high-quality, & waterproofing seal.

It's the universal tile sealing compound that has changed the way people think about flooring.

This Tile Gap Filler is the dominating tile gap filler on the market and it's driving high-end flooring companies crazy with its versatility and affordable price!

Traditionally, sand grout filling was the best way to fill gaps, but with its water absorption problems, cracking and chipping is unavoidable! Not to mention the manual labor costs to install!

Spending thousands on tiles without the guaranteed safety of Of Tile Gap Filler just isn't a wise investment.

You can have an affordable, quick, waterproof floor and shower in a fraction of the price that flooring companies charge...


  • Provide waterproof and anti-fungus feature for floor tiles

  • Premium epoxy resin material, Eco-friendly and odorless

  • White color grout to fix and cover all old and dirty grouting

  • Waterproof, mouldproof, oil-proof, easy to clean, not easy to break and non-discoloring

  • Can be used for bathtub tiles, washbasin, toilet tiles, balcony sink, porch tiles, and more


  • Item Type: Tile Reform
  • Material: Water + Resin + Aluminum oxalate hydrate
  • Curing Time: About 1h
  • Net Content: 280ML per bottle
  • Quantity: 1pc